The mission of the Resolution Horse Company ...

... is to use horses to improve the lives of people in need of healing and restoration. We invite both individuals and families to visit us and spend some time with the horses. While most of our guests are children, teenagers and adults are also welcome.

In our program, each child is teamed up with a horse and a trained volunteer who serves as the session leader. During the session, the child may interact with the horse from the ground or from horseback, depending on the child's desires and the session leader's assessment of the child's abilities. The objective is to have fun, make new friends, and contribute to the child's physical and emotional well-being.

What we are not:

1. Resolution is not a conventional stable or horse riding school. Our riding lessons support Resolution's mission to provide fellowship, comfort, and support for the horses and the children. The lessons are designed to teach the children to become safe, understanding, and respectful riders. The lessons are not designed to develop superior technical riding skills--we recommend traditional riding lessons with a trainer for this.

2. Resolution is not a provider of hippotherapy, equine-assisted therapy, or other equine-based disciplines requiring medical licensing. We do assist therapists and other health professionals who use horses in their work with their clients, and individuals seeking hippotherapy should contact these individuals directly.

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