The Resolution Horse Company is an Oregon-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity…

… that uses horses to improve the lives of special-needs and at-risk children and families. Resolution was originally incorporated in Utah in 2010 and relocated to Bend, Oregon, in 2019. To this point, Resolution has served over 600 children, who have ridden more than 7,500 sessions. The program is free.

Resolution’s program begins with the horses, rescued from situations of neglect or abuse. After rehabilitation and training, the horses work with the children, who participate in a number of horse- and riding-related activities that are customized to each child’s particular needs.

Each child usually rides once a week, so that riding skills and relationships with the horses are firmly established. Each riding session is led by a session leader, who is usually assisted by a trained volunteer.

The children are contending with a variety of issues, including autism, apraxia and speech delays, behavioral issues, Asperger Syndrome, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, physical deformities, ADD and ADHD, Fragile-X, and PTSD. We want to make the largest positive impact we possibly can, particularly given the transformational life changes that are waiting to be achieved.

For reviews of Resolution’s program, written by the parents of our riders, see the Resolution Horse Company page at the charity review website (here). Based on these anonymous reviews, Resolution was recognized in 2014 as one of Utah’s top nonprofit organizations.

Our Facebook page can be reached here.

Meet Our Staff






Bruce Cavender, Director